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The objective of this program is to expose high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors to college campus life during the summer months. This program was designed not only to expose the participants to the college life, but to also be able to showcase their athletic talents on the campuses of the colleges in front of the college staff for the sport of football. In exposing the coaches to the most talented athletes on the Treasure Coast, we predict that majority of our participants will receive college scholarships and will catapult their educational and athletic careers for themselves and their family. The participants were given educational information such as potential college majors and career paths. The participants also had a chance to better understand how athletics can influence their lives and the requirements needed to gain admission into these schools. The participants traveled from school to school within 8 days and were exposed to over 125 college coaches.


2019 College Tour Video

2022 College Tour Video Part 1

2019 College Tour Video

2022 College Tour Video Part 2

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